Welcome to the enchanting world of the Festival dei Lumi, a celebration of independent cinema nestled in the captivating embrace of Soriano nel Cimino, Italy. Hosted annually by the esteemed Cultural Association Aedon, this festival brings together the realms of art, culture, and history against the stunning backdrop of the Cimini mountains in the province of Viterbo.


Soriano nel Cimino, a place imbued with a rich tapestry of history, beckons with its medieval charm and storied past. Once graced by the presence of illustrious Italian papal aristocratic families like the Orsini, Colonna, and Albani, the town has retained its timeless allure. The echoes of renowned Italian luminaries resonate through its lanes, as evidenced by its role as the creative haven for luminaries such as PierPaolo Pasolini and Luigi Pirandello. Pasolini’s association with Chia and Pirandello’s poetic homage to the beech forest underscore the town’s inspirational aura.


The Festival dei Lumi is a celebration of artistic expression that seeks out filmmakers who dare to infuse their creations with authenticity and depth. The festival’s essence transcends boundaries, embracing works from diverse genres, budgets, and nations. With an emphasis on sincerity and a reverence for the creative journey, the festival invites artists to share their passion-driven endeavors, free from the shackles of vanity.

Now in its 3rd edition, the Festival dei Lumi has blossomed into a two-day extravaganza, expanding its horizons to embrace feature films alongside its esteemed short film offerings. This growth is a testament to the festival’s dedication to cinema and its harmonious relationship with the town. With aspirations to ascend, the festival is assembling a panel of distinguished jurors to curate and honor the finest cinematic gems. This year’s panel is composed┬á by Massimo Wertm├╝ller (head of jury), Tatiana Ivensen, Marco Quagliarini, Martinus Tocchi, Marco Crispano and Livia Galluzzi, each contributing their expertise and passion to shape the festival’s narrative.


Soriano nel Cimino serves as the perfect canvas for this cinematic celebration, its historical layers blending seamlessly with the modern fervor of artistic expression. As the Festival dei Lumi continues to weave its magic, Soriano nel Cimino stands as an embodiment of art’s enduring connection with time and place, where past and present harmonize to kindle the flames of creativity.