Third Festival dei Lumi: Nature, Sustainability

The third edition of the Festival dei Lumi is looking for high-impact video artwork inspired by the theme of nature and sustainability.
The festival aims to explore the marriage between art, nature and ecological thinking.

Theme: Nature, Sustainability, ecological thinking.
We invite artists from all over the world to interpret the theme of the call, exploring the connections between the
nature, sustainability and the ecological thinking. Artists are encouraged to express their personal vision through innovative and engaging video artworks.


The selected artwork will be screened in a specially darkened room of Galleria Viva, during the 3rd Festival Dei Lumi art exhibition.

10€ submission fee is requested.


Event Details:

–  Date: December 8-15, 2023
–  Location: Galleria Viva, Soriano nel Cimino, Italy


Evaluation criteria:

– Creative interpretation of the theme.
– Relevance of the message of sustainability and ecological reflection.
– Artistic and technical quality.
– Emotional and experiential impact of the work


How to Apply:

Interested parties must send to amministrazione@festivaldeilumi.com a proposal including:
1. Description of the work and concept (max 500 words).
2. H264, ProRes or Mp4 file for screening. File must be uploaded and sent by link
3. Artistic resume or portfolio.
4. Proof of payment of the submission fee

Submission fee (10€) must be paid via Paypal to: associazione.aedon@gmail.com
or via Bank transfer to:
Associazione Culturale Aedon
IBAN IT16Z0306909606100000177714

Or submit via Filmfreeway at the following link:


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